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Audre Lorde taught us, “There is no such thing as a single issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives.”

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On Malala Yousafzai & the Importance of Examining Narratives

I think Adnan Rasheed’s best points were made when he asked, “If you were shot [by] Americans in a drone attack, would [the] world have ever heard updates on your medical status? … Would you [have been] called to UN? Would a Malala day be announced?”

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Defeating the Enemy: A Response to Khalid Saghieh

So, no, we were not sleeping with the enemy but we were sleeping. Fortunately we have now woken up with a much larger number of people fed up with the death and destruction that the United States and its allies have wrought upon large parts of the world.

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Al-Jazeera Interview with Bassam Haddad

Bassam Haddad is co-editor of Jadaliyya

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Syria: The Other Side

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Jeremy Scahill on Syria

Published on Jun 3, 2013 Related articles Greenwald, Scahill Vow To Unmask NSA’s ‘US Assassination Program’ ( Scahill-Greenwald Team Up (

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Understanding the Syrian Revolution Under 4 Minutes

Published on Mar 6, 2012 In which John Green provides some historical context to the current civil war in Syria, discussing Syrian independence, the rise of the Ba’ath Party, Syria’s relationship with the rest of the Arab world (and Russia), the Presidencies of Hafez al Assad and Bashar al Assad, the Arab Spring protests in Syria, […]

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Welcome to Free Syria

The government had lost control of Taftanaz near the start of the revolution, and an intricate system of popularly elected councils called tansiqiyyat had been created over the past year—“like miniparliaments, a government for us,” as Malek put it. He had been chosen to represent Taftanaz in Turkey, where he raised funds and cultivated contacts with the international community. He was proud of the rebel councils—they were proof that Syria did not need President Bashar al-Assad—but he worried that the other council members had been captured or killed.

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Decoding the Syrian Propaganda War

I’ve met beer-guzzling Syrian rebels who carried the black Al Qaeda flag, but for whom this was no contradiction: Islamist stylings in Syria are typically part performance vocabulary, part unifying norm in a riven society, part symbolic invocation of guerrilla struggle in a post–Iraq War world, and part expression of pure faith.

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When I ran out of birth control in Iran

  I recently had to extend my trip to Iran and ran out of birth control. No biggie, I thought, contraceptive pills are easily found in pharmacies throughout the country and you don’t even need a prescription. I walked into a pharmacy in Tehran two nights ago, showed the pharmacist my own birth control pills […]

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