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Jeremy Scahill on Syria

Published on Jun 3, 2013 Related articles Greenwald, Scahill Vow To Unmask NSA’s ‘US Assassination Program’ (infiniteunknown.net) Scahill-Greenwald Team Up (gregmitchellwriter.blogspot.com)

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syria tornado

Welcome to Free Syria

The government had lost control of Taftanaz near the start of the revolution, and an intricate system of popularly elected councils called tansiqiyyat had been created over the past year—“like miniparliaments, a government for us,” as Malek put it. He had been chosen to represent Taftanaz in Turkey, where he raised funds and cultivated contacts with the international community. He was proud of the rebel councils—they were proof that Syria did not need President Bashar al-Assad—but he worried that the other council members had been captured or killed.

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Syria, 2006

The Veils of Democracy: Into the thought-experiment of Steal this Hijab

How do we organize ourselves in a horizontal manner that brings to bear all the different voices of our society in a way that people are able to each participate as they can, freely, but with equal power and equal say. Although I am aware that we live in a world where this notion appears as wishful thinking; I also feel we live in a world where it is necessary for us to figure out the questions of liberation, equality, fairness, justice in our communities – or perish.

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Turkist miniature

#resistankara: Notes of a Woman Resisting

Thousands of women filled the streets and squares in Ankara and took them back: spraying anti-teargas solutions in someone’s eyes, picking up the trash, advising people not to use swear words, but still talking, screaming, not keeping silent, swallowing, and walking, and walking again.

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Freedom cycle

The Arab Spring: The end of postcolonialism

These variations on the theme of delayed defiance hinge on the idea that the revolutions are simultaneously a rejection not just of the colonial oppression they have inherited but, a fortiori, of the postcolonial ideologies that had presented and exhausted themselves as its antithesis in Islamist, nationalist or socialist grand narratives.

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Nasrin Sotoudeh Writes From Evin Explaining Reason For Her Hunger Strike

From public and social groups, specifically the Mourning Mothers that have lost their children in the 2009 Movement (I had the honor of representing few of them), to the Mothers for Peace and the women’s rights activists, from the political prisoners that I have the honor of having endured imprisonment with them, to my dear cellmates that endured the hardships associated with my hunger strike, and of course, my husband and my young daughter who endured great sufferings.

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clinton, women, afgh

Human Rights Watch Letter to Clinton on Strategy for Women’s Rights in Post-2014 Afghanistan

Grave Risk to Women’s Rights Without Heightened Commitment and Clear Plans

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adorning afghan walls

Adorning Afghan Walls

“My world is more meaningful now thanks to my work, giving me different perspectives about life as a whole. Earlier, I was unaware of the miseries that Afghan women had to endure for so long. We have been through several heart-wrenching blows in the last three decades. Now is the time to do what was never thought of.”

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eL seed

Iran, Women’s Rights and the Arab Spring

For each woman that is imprisoned, another will take her place and swell the ranks of the women’s movement. -Shrine Ebadi, Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner, 2004. The stories of sweeping reform across the Middle East has captured the attention of many of us. In this week’s Weekly Rights Podcast, Minky Worden, Director of Global […]

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Eyewitness Afghanistan

A recent talk given at the annual Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, May 2012.

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