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Poetry of the Taliban

by James Caron Since there is already a substantial discussionsurrounding this compilation of poetry “of” the Taliban, it seems important to review the work within a series of broader contexts. Writing on Afghanistan has recently enjoyed an upsurge, but this is not the first such spike of western interest in Afghanistan. Amid a major catalog that has […]

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egypt 1919

Music of the Egyptian Revolution

Musicians have not been silent in the movement that brought down Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Perhaps the most popular song of the Egyptian revolution is by Mohamed Mounir, a singer so revered, he’s known as “The Voice of Egypt.”

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Ammar al-Beikh

An Ode to Islam

by: Farah Mokhtareizadeh   Upon Ali’s pillow drew odes from farmers of the Oikumene, they whose dirges lamented silence.   Curious hands dug and sought the seeds of heaven, they whose omens split open silence.   Jesus summons Joseph through colour of time, to coat Potiphar’s rhyme, draw God’s dream to deign and thread open […]

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LIghts on Tahrir

The Poetry of Revolt

It is truly inspiring to see the bravery of Egyptians as they rise up to end the criminal rule of Hosni Mubarak. It is especially inspiring to remember that what is happening is the culmination of years of work by activists from a spectrum of pro-democracy movements, human rights groups, labor unions, and civil society […]

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