Why Steal this Hijab?

Steal this Hijab is a platform to amplify the voices and visions of the many who believe in a shared world of social equity, diversity, and dignity. With a distinct focus on gender, sexuality, religion, class and migration in the Islamic world*, we endeavour to do more than education.

We believe that the activism, scholarship and advocacy work of social justice movements and ordinary individuals in the Islamic world contributes to a pedagogy of liberation. We affirm the belief that oppression based on gender, sexuality, legal status and race may be a historical fact, it is not necessarily our destiny.

We at Steal this Hijab believe that we must engage in ongoing dialogue and action, scholarship and advocacy if we are to dare to be powerful enough to change the world we live in.

Steal this Hijab is a way to make tangible these ‘experiments in truth’ and to communicate with others the critical ideas, art and organising which makes another world possible.

Any additional queries please email us: StealthisHijab[at]gmail.com.

*We use ‘Islamic world’ as a short-hand to describe a multi-ethnic, multi- and non-religious communities. We believe in that pluralism and wish to emphasize our use of the term is not to affirm any notion of Islamic hegemony.

About the Editor:

Farah Azadi is a writer and activist based in Tanzania.


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