Afghanistan افغانستان

The Poet

Last night I said to the candle of my desolate house
“Your hair gets combed by the wings of the moth

In the world I am like the lamp of the wilderness’ tulip
I am neither in an assembly’s lot, nor in a house’ fortune

Since a long time I am also burning my breath like you
Though I am circling the flame no moth has hit its wing

Many an effulgence is crammed in my life of unfulfilled desires
Not a single loving heart rises in this assembly

From where have you acquired this world-illuminating fire?
You have infused the love of Kalâm in the poor insect” !

Steal this supports non-violent, non-killing alternatives to the current US-led NATO strategy in Afghanistan. We advocate for an end to the war, with protections for all vulnerable populations. We are encouraged that many around the world support an immediate end to this terrible war, and we are in solidarity with these efforts as we build for an end to all war.


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