The Revolution Will Be LIVE!

As it turned out, some revolutions would be televised. But the blow-dried reporters and the drive-by anchormen never quite got it right. And time confirmed that Scott-Heron was right about the radical politics he embraced, and communicated so brilliantly on a series of groundbreaking albums in the 1970s. It is still best communicated via the spoken word. When activists gather, they still note the failures of the media and utter the “revolution will not be televised” catchphrase that Gil Scott-Heron added to the contemporary discourse.


The Killing: Wild West Justice

by Ramzi Kysia My heart is filled with sorrow. The killing of Osama bin Laden has given birth to an apparently bottomless well of dark, narcissistic delight. Though media manipulation contributes to the basic prejudices that drive that joy, it’s clear that America’s celebration is both deep and genuine. I’m stunned at how happy, how […]