Ideas in Action

Istanbul, Turkey 2009

Steal this invites ideas on its themes. We work to bring content about organizing efforts, culture and politics of the Muslim world that have bearing on the social performance of gender and sexuality. Recognizing that the Muslim world has much to contribute to the ongoing dialogues around gender and sexuality, we wish to do more than education.

We believe that the work of gender emancipatory social movements in the Muslim world contributes to a pedagogy of liberation. We affirm the ideas of social revolutionaries who have taught that whilst oppression based on gender and sexuality may be a historical fact, it is not necessarily our destiny. We at Steal this believe that we must engage in ongoing dialogue and action, scholarship and door-knocking if we are to dare to be powerful enough to change the world we live in.

We have a project, but it will take a community to raise the ideas! So please use this space to respond to us, and each other.

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