Political Prisoners – Iran


Jila Baniyaghoob, (Tehran, Iran). Is a freelance reporter and editor-in-chief of the website Kanoon Zanan Irani (Focus on Iranian Women), Iran. She has travelled throughout the Middle East, writing accounts of the lives of women and refugees during times of conflict. The topics of her reporting make her a target of the Iranian government. She has been beaten, arrested and imprisoned numerous times.Jila won the 2009 Courage in Journalism Award for fearlessly reporting on government and social oppression, particularly as they affect women. Jila was arrasted on June 20th, 2009, and released on 24 August 2009,  on bail of approximately $200,000, after spending two months in incommunicado detention.

Fereshteh Ghazni, (Tehran, Iran). On 28 October, Fershteh Ghazi, who writes about women’s issues and works for the daily Etemad (Confidence), was arrested by the Tehran morality squad. She was reportedly accused of “immoral behaviour”, a charge that is often brought against political prisoners in Iran. (IFEX) Upon her release, Ms. Ghazi was taken directly to a hospital for treatment due to her poor physical and mental condition. During her forty-day imprisonment, Ms. Ghazi was denied legal counsel.

Shahnaz Gholami, (Tabriz, Iran). Is the editor of the “Azerzan” blog,was arrested on November 9,2008 in her house by intelligence agents.She had been sentenced to six months of imprisonment on September 8, 2008, in branch no. 1 of Tabriz revolutionary court for propaganda against the state. Also before this she had been in jail for five years (1989-1993) in Tabriz prison (ADAPP). Gholami spent 69 days in custody and was released from prison on 17 January on bail of 200 million toman [about 200,000 dollars).(RSF)

Narges Mohammadi, (Tehran, Iran). Human rights lawyer imprisoned in Iran. For article on Narges please visit this link.

Rojin Mohammadi, (Tehran, Iran). Iranian blogger Rojin Mohammadi was arrested on November 14, 2011 upon returning to her home country of Iran from the Philippines.  According to HRANA, she was released then subsequently summoned on November 21, interrogated, and imprisoned on November 23.  She is currently held at Evin Prison.

Shiva Nazarahari, (Tehran, Iran).  A woman journalist, blogger and member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters and other human rights groups, was arrested at her workplace on 14 June, 2009 in Tehran. The security forces had searched her house the previous night in her absence and confiscated some of her personal possessions. After spending 102 days in detention, she was released on 23 September 2009 on $200,000 bail. She spent 33 days of her detention in solitary confinement. She was arrested for the second time on 20 December 2009, and has remained in prison without furlough and without any explanation from authorities about the reasons for her imprisonment. According to several news websites, Shiva was released on $500,000 bail on 12 September 2010  . She went to trial in handcuffs in early September and was accused of involvement with the organization, People’s Mujahedin of Iran.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, (Tehran, Iran). Is a women and human rights lawyer and activist. Please visit this website to take action against her arrest. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29M4PS89Dzo&feature=player_embedded)

Henghameh Shahidi, (Tehran, Iran). According to RSF, Henghameh Shahidi was sentenced to six years and 32 days in prison by the 26th chamber of Tehran’s revolutionary court. The journalist and head of the blog Paineveste was arrested on 29 June, 2009. She spent 50 days in solitary confinement in Section 209 of Evin prison before being freed on 2 November 2009 after posting bail of nine million tomans (about 6,300 euros). Her lawyer, Mohammad Mostafai, said the journalist had been convicted of “acting against national security”, “activities against the regime in collaboration with the BBC”, which is seen as a “counter-revolutionary channel”. She was also found guilty of signing petitions against the regime, including the Iranian feminist ‘one million signatures’ campaign, as well as the campaign against stoning and another urging the UN Human Rights Council to take up a position on the state of human rights in Iran. She was also convicted of writing articles deemed “insulting” to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on her weblog. Mostafai added that he would be lodging an appeal.



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